Friday, 27 November 2009

We live in Financial Times

So for the up and coming "Rubbish Party", I have been working of a dress entirely made out of newspaper.  More specifically: The Financial Times.  

There are so many newspaper dresses posted on web to take inspiration from:

The Ballerina pink tone to the paper inspired the design of my dress.

Last night I spent the evening making a paper mache corset...I'm still waiting for it to dry before I can tell you how successful it was.  But little tip from the top: "add cinnamon to your paper mache paste for a sweeter smell"...It's all in the detail!

The skirt, the main attraction, will be a pom-pom slash tutu mix.  Inspired by some decoration I made for my housemate's mexican style birthday.  Instructions on how to make them here thanks to All star American Soccor Mom: Martha Stewart.

Add some newspaper fake eyelashes and nails...and you have yourself a RUBBISH OUTFIT!

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