Monday, 7 December 2009

Alter Ego's On Tour!

Got a fancy dress party?  Who you gonna call? ALTER EGOS!

The word is spreading - and the lovely Sam Chitty came to me for advise on what to wear - happily lent her my halloween clown costume which she so cutely sported at a party in Amsterdam.

We're going global baby!

Here she is doing us proud... kx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Read All About It!

Never have I been to more of a rubbish party.  Pure Rubbish, Pure Brilliance!

 I think my costume could have pipped the prize as my all time favourite.  It was on theme, it was big and extravagant, it was robust and surprisingly flattering, for newspaper.

The paper mache corset worked so well in holding me in, whilst the pom pom skirt was so huge, everyone had to give me a wide birth to get from room to room.

Crap couture all the way!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Anyone for teaaaaaaaa?

So the rubbish party was anything but.
A big hit all round.
My tea bag shoulder pads and tea pot were a real hit... I felt like a crazy house wife so added fun eyes and silly cheeks for full effect.
Lucky for me my new 42" TV arrived that day... I had not even thought about the amount of helpful packing rubbbish that would come with!
Who would have thought a tv protector could turn into such a lovely full skirt!
Thanks Panasonic!


 Alter ego diaries!!!!!!11

Friday, 27 November 2009

Tea Party

Coming up with an outfit for 'rubbish' party provided its own unique challenges.... there were soooo many cool options! I knew from the outset I wanted to go as a tight rubbish 'theme' rather than a collection of rubbish.
At first I wanted to play on 'rubbish' as an adjective and go covered in used envelopes with a postbox hat -this was when Royal Mail was striking etc.. On the other hand I thought a 1920s shift dress made out of tampons was another goodie but thought that might be a bit crude.. even for me!

So in the end I was inspired by a a shop windon on Regent Street which featured tea bags... so yeah... TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

I wanted to dye the tea bags to give them some coolness. First time round I made the mistake of soaking them in differant coloured water and they seriously NEVER dried!

They turned browny too so I will use those brown ugly ones on the back...

It turned out the trick was to just dab them with a paintbrush and coloured water.. they dried pronto. Woooo

Deciding what to do with a bunch of coloured tea bags proved easy enough.. shoulder pads... fashionista styles and easy... staple gun ... wam bam im leaking tea mam.

I think a headpiece is often key.... when shopping on regent street I happened to find a plastic lolly bucket thing on the floor ... (so literally rubbish!) and knew it would come in handy for this party.... I decided to bring back the childhood skills and stuck into some papermaching to turn it into a tea pot! 

I am still unsure what to do with this tea pot.. Paint flowers.?.. Make it an interactive rubbish piece? Or simply add more tea bags?.. to be decided tomorrow!

Anyone for teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

We live in Financial Times

So for the up and coming "Rubbish Party", I have been working of a dress entirely made out of newspaper.  More specifically: The Financial Times.  

There are so many newspaper dresses posted on web to take inspiration from:

The Ballerina pink tone to the paper inspired the design of my dress.

Last night I spent the evening making a paper mache corset...I'm still waiting for it to dry before I can tell you how successful it was.  But little tip from the top: "add cinnamon to your paper mache paste for a sweeter smell"...It's all in the detail!

The skirt, the main attraction, will be a pom-pom slash tutu mix.  Inspired by some decoration I made for my housemate's mexican style birthday.  Instructions on how to make them here thanks to All star American Soccor Mom: Martha Stewart.

Add some newspaper fake eyelashes and nails...and you have yourself a RUBBISH OUTFIT!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Looking good in a bin bag

The long awaited annual Evering Road house party has finally been confirmed, giving alteregodiaries two weeks to get cracking on costumes.

And the theme is.....


Yes, that's right, it's A Rubbish Party. We decided it was time to get properly trashed. Sorry. I've bin waiting to crack that one for a while. Haha.

Giving new life to the unwanted, delving deep into the discarded, re-using the recycling and making rubbish sexy.

Thinking caps on girls - here's some inspiration courtesy of Rubbish Mag:


Friday, 13 November 2009

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dress-up deserving praise

An old friend of mine, Charlie Gee, definitely deserves a mention here for the genius displayed in his Halloween outfit of last weekend. (Actually I believe he was also owed a mention in the last post as the ideas man for the impromptu spider dress up, thanks Charlie).

The theme of the party was 80's horror and his costume brought back a distant and long-forgotten 80's memory for me that will ring bells for some of you out there too and made me laugh a lot.

Here's the outfit:

Now, you may get it instantly, it may take a couple of minutes, or you may not have a clue, ever. And your enjoyment of it does depend on your knowledge of a ghost sighting in a 1987 film starring Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and a baby..... bells ringing yet?

Here's the big reveal........



Sunday, 8 November 2009

5 minute dress-up

It's 11pm, you've had a couple, you're dressed for the cold not the party, and your flatmate reveals the potential of a dress-up party in a Dalston warehouse. You obviously want to go, but you can't possibly go without dressing up.

Here's how to create a (kind of convincing) costume in 5 minutes:

Theme: 'ANIMAL'
Ideal dress-up: a snake - luscious green and gold bodysuit with cobra-esque body ridges drawn from cleavage to chin breaking into a beautiful snake mouth with red fork for tongue.
Likelihood of creating ideal costume in 5 minutes on the number 277: Not likely

Available materials: Black eyeliner
Obvious costume choice: spider

And here's how it looked (apologies for the dodgy photos):


The eyes on the lids is actually an amazing trick, and it's so fun to order drinks at the bar with your eyes closed. Freaky sh*t. And if you dance like a spider the whole thing becomes fairly convincing....

Stuart however just looked like Sloth from the Goonies:


Friday, 6 November 2009

Happy Weekend.

Costume Couture brilliance thanks to Jean Charles de Castelbajac at Paris Fashion week this year..
Pics thanks to Zimbio

I feel a big face on a costume coming on... watch this face.. I mean space. :o)