Sunday, 8 November 2009

5 minute dress-up

It's 11pm, you've had a couple, you're dressed for the cold not the party, and your flatmate reveals the potential of a dress-up party in a Dalston warehouse. You obviously want to go, but you can't possibly go without dressing up.

Here's how to create a (kind of convincing) costume in 5 minutes:

Theme: 'ANIMAL'
Ideal dress-up: a snake - luscious green and gold bodysuit with cobra-esque body ridges drawn from cleavage to chin breaking into a beautiful snake mouth with red fork for tongue.
Likelihood of creating ideal costume in 5 minutes on the number 277: Not likely

Available materials: Black eyeliner
Obvious costume choice: spider

And here's how it looked (apologies for the dodgy photos):


The eyes on the lids is actually an amazing trick, and it's so fun to order drinks at the bar with your eyes closed. Freaky sh*t. And if you dance like a spider the whole thing becomes fairly convincing....

Stuart however just looked like Sloth from the Goonies:


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