Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Clowning Around.

So at the risk of sounding over confident the three of us were well pleased with how our skitzo clown vision manifested itself....
I was quietly nervous about how we would pull off the make up... the make up was key to looking like clown freaks but we managed to do it. We have learned the trick with the almighty 'white face'.... many make the mistake of just putting the 'paint' straight on.. this then cracks and looks crap by the end of a night out. The trick is to firstly apply a light foundation then powder... THEN use a sponge to apply the white paint... you won't need much. I digress..
What worked really well about our clown collection is that we were a set yet still individual.. each with our own clown materials, make up, masks and other finer details. This is great as it allows us to apply our own individuality while still having a big  group impact.
The masks on the back of the head freaked people out all night.
Some of the best shots below thanks to our photographer friend Stuart York

Make up & mask preparation

Ready to hit the town.

Our ring master (Kerry's boyfriend) is mad with us!

Happy vs Crazy clowns on stage with the band The Vamp