Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halloween 09 - Dressing The Vamp

1 Halloween Night Down, 1 to go.  When it was not only ourselves we needed transform, but also the 5 members of the band The Vamp, ready for their performance at Passing Clouds.
"Mummie Chic" - we wanted it to look like these 5 guys had woken from death sleep and decided to dress in their fineries and go to a party.

The band had soundcheck till 8:30, rushed round to my flat, we had 1 and 1/2 hours to dress them all, then back to Passing Clouds to be on stage for 11pm.

We were ready...

So the classic mummy bandages we first applied (previously distressed with tea and fake blood).

...then over to the make-up station, where we were able to demonstrate our newly-learnt make-up skills to create Zombie Look (thanks to the Lost in Beauty team)

...the chic gentlemanly parts of the costume added: top hats, shirt panels, cuffs, cummerbunds and bow-ties - thanks to Melanie's bow-tie wearing colleague, who taught her to tie a real bow-tie.
A few gory drip of blood were added ("it's all in the detail")

...and voila!

The band looked great on stage - and sounded amazing - such a brilliant set that got the crowd pumping and stomping and ya-ya-ya-ya-ing.  The lead singer very sweetly did a shout out to and got us up on stage to dance one track with them.

It was a proud collaboration.


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