Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Halloween Outfit Decisions

So the question remains what are we going to go as this Halloween? Loads of pressure as Halloween is one event when everyone (even non costume fanatics) get involved.
I think we have three options.

1. A Tomb Stone - think big tomb head piece with rosette/blood outfits...

2. Vodoo Witches - think skeletons meets feathers and blood...

3. Clown girls - when I was in Buenos Aires earlier this year I went to a cool club called 69. There were these amazing podium dancers who were dressed as wicked crazy clowns. Think harlequin pattern meets lace and afro.... mmmm
Thoughts girls?

Let's do the clown thing fow show!

Tomb stone=too clunky - always annoying when you have a big cardboard box stuck to you.

Voodoo = too similar to Bitch Fairies

But instead of being normal clowns maybe we be SCHIZOPHRENIC CLOWNS.  Have a nice clown face painted on our faces and then a scary twisted clown face painted on masks that we wear on the back of our head?
Scary faces:

Nice faces:

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  1. i love this site!! go girls. i want to see the Halloween creations in the flesh x