Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bestival 09 - Bjork's infamous swan dress

What costume queen wouldn't relish the chance to re-create Bjork's beautiful swan. I snapped it up and got crafty.....

The task felt daunting for weeks before I begin but a couple of lucky finds and chances meant the dress only took about a day to make in total. Original plan was to start from scratch with layers and layers of tulle but a trip to a favourite charity shop (Whitecross Street, near Old Street roundabout) gave me a short white tutu to start with so layering the tulle on top of a base was much easier and quicker.

I toyed with making the swan from scratch also but bought a soft toy on-line (add link/photo here) and miraculously once it was all taken apart the neck was long enough and the body and wing pieces gave me a base for the torso of the dress.

All materials bought from Dalston Hill fabrics (need to check the name) - a gem of a shop on Ridley Road market. Floor to ceiling fabrics and a haberdashery hidden at the back, the domain of a German lady who rocks double denim daily and always has the answer to your costume needs. I needed white ostrich feathers to finish the dress and after showing me the £40 a metre version and seeing my face she promptly pulled out one big ostrich feather for the bargain price of £2.50 and described exactly how to slice it up to achieve the same effect. The woman is a costume angel, I will find out her name.

Finished the look off with a black wig (the plethora of wig shops are another Dalston treat) and of course, a silver gun. 

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