Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bestival 09 - Winehead

I was born with a very full head or hair - and so alas, I did not have much choice when it came to choosing my "star".  Amy's beehive was simply begging to be back backcombed for Bestival.
Clothing wise - it's a simple story - I opted for the torn denim short with white vest top.  
The attention to detail however, is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.
  • Double bra strap (2 tone)
  • Flower in the hair (sprayed silver for full space effect)
  • Signature OTT eyeliner
  • Amy's tattoos (you can buy transfers from ebay of her exact tatts  - with a diagram included of where to position on the body!!! - If that's not fame I don't know what is!!)

The Result? Spot the difference...

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