Tuesday, 22 September 2009

BESTIVAL 09 - Space Oddity

The Big Brainstorm

When I tell you that we started brainstorming Bestival costume ideas way back in March this year, I am not exaggerating. Does this make us vein or super organised? I'm unsure.

Bestival festival sets the bar for costume creativity. Unlike many other parties, the majority of people spend a considerable amount of time preparing. If you are not dressed up, you're an idiot.

The extra challenge with Bestival is that a group of 10 loud mouthed big personality girls had to agree the theme. Our whole crew go to Bestival and while for most parties we all interpret themes as we individually wish, this year I was dead set on the whole group going as one costumed force.

Originally we were thinking 'Milky Way Couture'. I was well excited about this. Then Hannah decided it was naff to support a brand (she is more earthy than me, i'm in advertising!)
So it was back to the drawing board....

After much discussion it was finally decided.... Shooting Stars. We wanted to put a twist on this though and be super stars with fat guns. Let the fun begin......

It didn't take me long to decide I would be Madonna... cones!

The majority of my outfit came from Ebay/internet. If you think about it far enough head, you don't even need to leave your desk to get a rocking outfit together.

  • LED lights for cones - £2.99... they last for hours

  • Cones outfit - £20.00.... needed some adjustments to make it fit! Sewed the led lights on the cones to give is a space feel.
  • Microphone piece- £8.00

  • Wig - £5.00 ebay. I looked like an ugly sheep when I got it but then gave it a good trim. The trick with wigs is to wear a headband so they fit nice and tight to the head. Got rid of the bow too.
  • And most important .. gunnnsssss ... 2 for £10 at Army Kids We sprayed them chrome to be spacey.

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