Saturday, 1 November 2008

Spook time 2008... 2 parts.

2008 - Part 1 - DIY KILLERS

In 2008 we had 2 halloween parties to attend. One was Mullet Over on the Saturday night in some warehouse in Elephant & Castle.The three of us agreed on psycho axe murderer types (any excuse to be evil I say!) We needed blood splattered all over us for full effect so decided we would play with those all in one paint cover outfits. We got them on ebay for like £5.

We sewed them tighter to our bodies in an attempt to look good. The blood was a simple red paint with water splattering technique (Hannah's lounge room loved it) To be extra gruesome we each had killing tools. We got tool belts on ebay and then heach had a toy. I had a toy saw, Hannah had ball weapons by using polystyrene balls with nails on chains... kerry had a gimp! The blood avoidance goggles were the final touch.... don't piss us off boys! ha


Part 2 - Dead Celebs
...introducing Charlie Chaplin, Edie Sedgwick & Tupac.
Where else would you find these 3 unlikely characters rubbing shoulders other than a cold dark halloween night at the Macbeth in Hoxton.
For this particular theme the choice was obviously wide but each of us seemed to be pulled towards a deceased who has something about them we wanted to play up to. This wasn't just dress up, it was true embodiment.

Hannah as Charlie Chaplin
Costume wise a fairy easy dress up wardrobes provided different parts of the disheveled suit, and the bowler hat was suitably tatty after an unfortunate accident in the mud at Bestival 08. Youtube provided the footage to get into role. As I whited my face and blacked out my eyes, Charlie ran around my laptop screen, waggling his cane, nodding his head and miming undying love for anything in a skirt. I duly copied all the moves and didn't utter a word from hitting the pub to approximately 3 hours later when the excitement of the dance floor finally got the better of me. So much fun to be had when you can truly be another person for the night.

Kerry as Edie Sedgwick .

The key here was teh hat, eye make-up, big pants and trickle of blood from one nostril, a nice Halloween addition to the mix. Kerry became Edie, drawling non-stop in a druggy fashion. A classic moment arrived when out Edie spotted an Andy Warhol across the room and, fully in character, ran up, draping her arms over this unsuspecting boy, declaring him her Andy, her Andy. The role play swiftly took a back seat when a second Edie impersonator (looking nowhere near as convincing) declared "I'll think you'll find he's my Andy. As in, my boyfriend." The girl was not in the mood to play.

Mel as Tupac.                                           

Mel's gangster streak was allowed full rein as she jumped into Tupac's skin, tattoos and all. This was granted an ambitious choice - sex and skin colour being difficult to change for one night. The key was the Death Row records tee she cut up and put gun shot wounds in. Massive Thug Life tattoo on back of course. 2Pac's well known head tie was key and made the outfit super convincing and Mel's attitude tipped the balance.

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