Thursday, 18 December 2008

Cleudo CHI Christmas Party

One of my personal favourites was my old agency, CHI & Partners, 08 Christmas party. The theme: Cluedo.
The obvious thinking is to of course go as one of the many charachters - Mr Green, Mrs Peacock, Miss Scarlett.. you get the picture.
I wanted to do something really innovative...I had resigned and it was my last party (and there had been many over my 4 years there!) so wanted to leave with a bang.
After a little brainstorm I finally decided on the BILLIARD ROOM.
Green table cover = green dress
The balls = bought little pool ball key rings off ebay and turned them into a necklace (a fairly heavy one!)
The triangle = found a mini one the weekend before randomally and used as a head piece
The stick  = a broom stick painted to look like a billiard stick.

a little wine on the dress there...nicceee

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