Friday, 16 October 2009

Skirting around the subject

So, after much inspiration and deliberation we have our schizo clown outfits pretty much sorted. Here's a little insight into the journey of the skirt...

Before I get there I just had to share this - got a bag of material scraps from freecycle the other week, and the second thing I pull out is this delightful ruffled pink rubber thong!

Interesting. I had to wash my hands. And the floor. At least it's on theme....

Luckily said freecycle trip also brought the most amazing free thing ever - a crinolin!!

Wanting to wear it immediately I thought of fitting this into the schizo clowns costume but it's a little like wearing a boat and there is only one.

However it reminded me of something much better to incorporate. Kerry and I once went to a terrible piece of theater called The Porcelain Project - essentially a porn fest on stage where 2 female dancers were subjected to systematic theatrical rape by men with phallic shaped pieces of porcelain. It was really bad.

I give it the time of day here because the costumes were amazing and have now inspired the base of our schizo clown outfits - hooped skirts - starting fitted under the boobs and flaring out to a small hoop mid-thigh length, held over the shoulders with braces.

Inspired by The Porcelain Project:

The material will be harlequin inspired - I found a dress in the family dressing up box that will be perfect - pictured here under a potential orange ruffle option and other cool mutil-coloured cheque material that could be overlaid to a plain colour in diamond shapes:

It's all coming together....

And finally - if you're passing by All Saints Spitalfields this weekend stop to look at the window display - full of beautiful old Singer machines - the picture below does not do them justice:

Happy weekend!!


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