Thursday, 22 October 2009

Broken Hearted

With all this talk of clowns and mummies we have neglected the second costume of the weekend for Work It on Friday night - the Broken Hearted Damsels.

Being a Friday we have gone with a simple yet striking concept to allow for minimal get-ready time and maximum fun-time.

This idea came out of nowhere really, inspired by one photo, found on White Mischief:

And the rest just happened - bloody hearts will hang out of our chests, red gunk oozing onto pretty white nighties as we wander round, sunken eyed and forlorn, lamenting our lost loves and broken hearts to anyone who'll listen and giving out suicidal halloween love letters to the specially selected.

Obviously we'll be cranking out to the early ninties hip hop on the Work It dancefloor at some points throughout the evening too.

The hearts arrived in the post at work today and my boss screamed like a girl when he opened the package. The desired affect:

Breaking News

An exciting new addition was confirmed today as we will be joined by The Heartbreaker - an Italian Stallion who leaves a trail of female destruction in his wake, collecting broken bloody hearts like trophies. And probably eating them for breakfast too. We are his latest victims.....



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